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The Goods: Estée Lauder Serums

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It’s tough to say when is the right time to start the anti-aging process. Pre-secondary school it’s all “when I grow up” and everything that this will encapsulate; wearing makeup, living sans parents, buying what I want, when I want, finding the perfect career (ok, maybe we’re not thinking about careers, but we have an idea of what we want to be). To be honest, I still say “when I grow up.” My 26-year-old “when I grow up” includes owning a house with exposed brick that offers the perfect amount of DIY, and being able to enjoy a whiskey on the rocks, because that screams adult. In some sense, keeping these ideas in mind allows me to deter from the fact that I am getting older, meaning more responsibility, life decisions, and of course a more mature appearance – to put it politely. While I used to wear mascara, lip gloss, and blush to look older than my age, the shift to younger looking skin has taken over my skincare regime.


Found on my checklist of anti-aging products, below sunscreen and night cream comes serums. In my skincare sequence (when I’m following all the rules), I wash, tone, serum, and moisturize, all before applying makeup. Sometimes it’s a daunting task and I find myself skipping from wash to moisturize, in fact until a few years ago I only washed my face in the morning and slept in my makeup. I’m still not 100% convinced that removing my makeup before bed affects my skin personally, but maybe in the long-run the results with come to surface (literally). BUT WHEN I DO FOLLOW THE RULES, a serum is a great product to use pre-moisturizing. The point of this potion is to deliver concentrated active ingredients to your skin. By following with moisturizer you can lock in the ingredients and hydrate your skin.

Estée Lauder’s tried and true Advanced Night Repair serum is my go to. It’s both light in consistency and scent, and with years and years of development, I can definitely trust its formula. While I don’t have deep wrinkles yet, I cannot flat out say that my lines have disappeared, but I image deep down inside it’s working it’s magic and since using I have not seen any progression in my skin’s aging. For the day, Perfectionist [CP+R] works wonders. Paired with an SPF, and even on it’s own, this serum is more like a moisturizer leaving skin super soft, like out of this world soft, within minutes – no lie.

While my headspace may still be dreaming of my future vineyard and pony in Napa, my skin is on par with its mature lifestyle. So, I say bring it, let’s play this game, I’m very competitive.


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February 7, 2014 at 1:40 pm

The Goods: Daily Routine

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The products that have made their way into my daily makeup routine, are mostly tried, tested and true. Most I have been using for years, and some I switch up based on my mood, or recommendations from others.

The “cannot live without” goods:

Concealer: Benefit Erase Paste – This concealer made me first fall for Benefit Cosmetics. It’s been in my beauty routine for years, and I fear if this favourite was one day be discontinued, I would feel lost without it.

Spot Cover Up: The Body Shop Tea Tree Concealer – Tea tree does great things for blemishes. This concealer was actually discontinued at some point, but I guess enough people questioned it’s availability and so The Body Shop brought it back!

Bronzer: NARS in Laguna – This is the bronzer mostly all your friends use, and always topping ‘Best Bronzers” lists. Enough said.

Blush: Tarte Amazonian Clay in Amused – With clay as a prominent ingredient in this blush, the colour actually stays on your cheeks for hours. Amused is a bright pink that works all year round when paired with a bronzer.

The “right now” goods:

Mascara: Benefit They’re Real – I’m not 100% sold on this mascara yet. While it does give incredible length, it nothing I haven’t seen already. Recently, I received a tip from a makeup artist to layer this over a cheaper mascara. Apparently it’s meant to be used this way, to better elongate lashes, and also makes it much easier to wash off at night.

Eyebrow Pencil: Benefit Instant Brow – The brows are so, so critical for me. Instant Brow in Medium is the absolute perfect colour for my brows, and I love the waxiness for super easy application, but because the pencil is SO waxy, I have so far had to sharpen the pencil every two uses. At this rate I’ll have used the entire pencil in three weeks time.

Do you use any of these products on the daily?


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May 13, 2013 at 10:59 am

The Goods: Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask

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Origins Drink Up

For a hydrating moisturizer that holds true to its word you have to go with Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask. After moving condos and starting a new job all within the same week, my skin had a hard time adjusting to the different environments and the dryer air in my new place. I tried this mask on a whim after it sitting in my cupboard for months. I have always believed in the Origins brand, but I was afraid the strong, though absolutely delicious, apricot scent would be too much for my sensitive skin to handle. As soon as I put this on, my skin felt like it had never before — no joke! The avocado, apricot kernel oil, and Japanese seaweed ingredients help to quench and repair your skin.

Best for: Dry skin

Best used: While this product is named a “mask” simply use this as an overnight cream. Your skin will absorb the moisturizer overnight. As a person with dry/normal skin, I choose to use this every night, but if you have oilier skin you can use it a few times a week.

Results: Every morning my skin feels super soft, and I have even used this moisturizer under my eyes (where in the past I had eczema) with no irritation. Since I am a sun lover, I have a few fine lines on my forehead and I have seen a minimization in these slight wrinkles.


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May 3, 2013 at 11:44 am

The Goods: Coconut Oil

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The first time I heard about the benefits of coconut oil was last summer when styling a Lexus commercial. One of the actresses had long, long, long hair — I’m talking Totally Hair Barbie. Coconut oil was her trick! I was told to saturate my hair in the oil for a few hours, resulting in healthy and super long locks.

Though I’m now addicted to this natural oil, it was actually Steph of A Solo Affair who got me hooked. Steph raved about the benefits of coconut oil, including softened skin, hydrated hair, reduced signs of aging, an easy makeup remover, and a natural sunscreen. In fact, this oil does much more with 160 + uses, #152 Goo Gone is one of my favourites.

With Cliniderm as the first The Goods feature, this is the perfect product to follow, as it goes hand-in-hand with my fight against eczema. Coconut oil is the perfect nighttime moisturizer. Each night I use coconut oil on my face, including under my eyes where I have eczema. While I like to use excess oil, allowing it to soak in overnight, use to your discretion and preference. This product is an amazing natural moisturizer, and hydrates even the most sensitive of skin. Find it at most health food stores.

Disclaimer: your skin may break out when initially using the oil — this is because the oil works to extract bacteria (helping to reduce blackheads). Remember this and try your best to ignore blemishes, as soon this shall pass.

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May 31, 2012 at 10:58 am

Manicure Monday: Zoya Spring 2012

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This week I had the pleasure of testing Zoya’s True Spring 2012 collection, along with the Fleck Effect line. Since I’m not a huge fan of sparkles I was skeptical to try the Fleck Effect polishes, but once I did I was pleasantly surprised that these lacquers were not the typical thick glitter that takes so much effort to remove. The glitter used, is just that, a more lightweight, holographic glitter that is similar to gold flakes. Between the three colours, Maisie, Opal and Chloe, there is only a slight difference in hue, that can be seen when your nails hit the light.

The True Collection is a line of six colours that take on the pastel trend we are seeing for spring. With grey undertones, these hues are easy to wear. My favourite so far is definitely the sea foam, blueish-grey, Bevin. The brand boasts their products as the longest-wear, natural nail lacquers which is very important for manicure mavens. This means my nails are kicking a more healthy diet than usual and fewer applications! I’m onto day 3 (wearing Bevin & Maisie) with no top coat and no chips.

Zoya is also a great sponsor for NYFW beauty, which is the ultimate pairing. Find out which lacquers your fave designers chose for the runway here!

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March 12, 2012 at 11:48 am

Fresh-Face Race

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We know what it’s like to wake up to an alarm, only to roll over and press snooze once… Okay, maybe twice, before dragging yourself out of bed and questioning why it is you signed up for the “real world” anyway. Oh yes, that’s right: predictability, a steady paycheck and weekends off.

But just because we’re, you know, grown ups now, certainly doesn’t mean we have to forfeit our social lives. So when you wake up looking a little rough around the edges after a few too many after-work bevies, what’s a girl to do?
This quick morning routine will leave you looking sun-kissed and radiant with very little maintenance. It’s important to keep things light as the temperatures rise – Nobody likes to feel like their makeup is melting on the daily commute to work. And don’t forget the SPF… We’d like to maintain our youthful appearance.

Et voila!

Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Tinted Moisturizer with SPF 15 – $24.50
Bobbi Brown Creamy Duo Eye Concealer – $32
Benefit Powderflage – $28
Make Up Forever HD Powder – $30
Bare Minerals “Faux-Tan” – $18
Benefit Coralista blush – $28
Shu Uemura eyelash curler – $19
Make Up Forever Smoky Lash – $22
Anastasia brow gel – $21
Korres Lip Butter – $12

Stay tuned for more product recommendations (from Nicky, GFB’s guest blogger) from head to toe!

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May 19, 2011 at 1:12 pm

raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens…

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…these are some of my favourite things: beauty edition!

All of these products are tried, tested and true, by moi! I have come to depend on many of these products for my day-to-day routine, and I hope that some of my favourites might also be some of yours!

For Your Skin:

1) Vaseline: Petroleum Jelly
The original and ancient product. I keep this in my purse, for my lips! And also use it daily for other uses: under eyes, on eyelids, very dry skin patches….. and best of all you can coat it on your lashes to give the effect of wearing mascara!

2) Nivea Visage: Gentle Cleansing Cream
This product is made with Aloe Vera and Chamomile to give your face the softest feeling. The micro-beads help to exfoliate your face, leaving your skin smooth and glowing!

3) Dove Soap Bar
I love the Dove Bar for sensitive skin. It is unscented and great as a face cleanser, since it has a touch of moisturizer in it. This removes all makeup (2-in-1) and surprisingly does the trick and keeps all blemishes away.


4) Cetaphil Moisturizer
This moisturizer is great for your face, it is very affordable and lasts forever! It is great for all skin types, and does not at all leave you face feeling oily. Also great for removing eye makeup when applied on a kleenex!

5) Olay: Touch of Sun
Here is a really really great body lotion that gives you just a hint off sun-kissed colour! This product distributes evenly throughout the skin, and actually smells good. I have also applied this to my face, to give a nice glow, and eliminated the need for foundation.





6) Maybelline: Sky High Curves
This mascara goes on great and is easily removable, as long as you don’t buy the waterproof. In this case there is no need for waterproof, unless you are planning on going swimming. The regular product stays on your lashes even through tears! (believe me!) Sky High Curves helps to lengthen and curl, and will never smudge.

7) M.A.C. Plushglass
If you are like me, you probably wouldn’t describe your lips as ‘bee-stung’. That’s why you have to buy the MAC plushglass, I own it in the colour Wildly Lush, it is a very natural nude/pink gloss. I have tested many other lip-plumpers, including the Lip Venom and I will tell you that this one works wonders! Please don’t mind the stinging!


8) M.A.C. Multi-Purpose: Pigment
This is a powdered bronzer, that works great and I mean GREAT as a highlighter. Place on your cheekbones, under the brow, and in the insides of eyes, to make your eyes look bigger. Mixed with a body lotion, this can be a great bronzer for your body as well! Use a little on your chest to give cleavage an extra ‘wow’ factor. This product will likely last forever since you should only dab a small makeup brush on the lid of the jar to get the perfect amount. So go ahead and split this product with your friends!




9) John Frieda Brilliant Brunette: Volumizing Mousse
So I’m not one to use many hair products, but seeing as I have alot of thin/fine hair I have always been searching of a great volumizing mousse. I have also say that I have not found one John Frieda product that I am not impressed by! Apply this mousse to the roots, and blow-dry your hair upside-down, while massaging your roots. You will see and feel immediate volume! This product also smells great just like all the other Brilliant Brunette products.


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November 9, 2007 at 10:20 pm

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