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new news: decade roundup

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- Fashion terms and trends that must die in 2009: pop up shops, spending guilt and the term “boyfriend” (LA Times).

- A summary of the past decade in fashion (The National).

- Best and worst trends of 2009. Best: stockings, over-the-knee boots, and celebrity collaborations. Worst: fringed heels, harem pants, and Ed Hardy (National Post).

- Toronto fashion Ins and Outs (Now Magazine).

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December 27, 2009 at 10:00 am

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all falls down..

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this holiday season it’s obvious that regular shoppers were holding back their holiday shopping spirit because of the economic crisis. as we mentioned earlier in December, most retail stores have been advertising major sales and discounted items, in hopes of persuading North Americans to continue shopping. more recently I saw an advertisement for 60% off Old Navy.


since the holiday shopping season is for the most part over, or maybe did not ever begin, many companies are releasing their retail sale numbers. MasterCard Advisors have calculated that this year across North America, women’s apparel sales have decreased by 23% from last year and men’s apparel sales have decreased by 14%.

it would appear that the retail industry was not on santa’s “nice” list, as their wish to regain lost annual sales over this holiday season was not granted…


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December 30, 2008 at 4:52 pm

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your next AA meeting may be cancelled…

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American Apparel has announced that they will be laying off hundreds of their current 10,000 employees. don’t get me wrong i love this store, i am never successful in just window shopping when passing the shop, i have to go in for a little taste and always end up with at least a $4 elastic headband.

even though AA is demonstrating its strongest retail sales, Dov Charney (CEO) is reducing his plans for expansion. the company claims the reason is because of the always-talked-about ‘economic crisis’ but many think that maybe all the lawsuits finally caught up with them…

AA by goldfacedbetty

not only has Woody Allen sued the company, but there has been constant controversy concerning AA’s ads, which mainly consist of employees wearing the clothing in sexually derogatory poses. obvisouly sex sells, and in this case i think the advertising department of AA has helped to bring in an extra couple million dollars. even if everyone who seems to be offended by the ads were to stop purchasing AA merchandise, i’m pretty sure the hipsters of the world would be enough to keep Dov Charney in bed with at least ten of his employees…

….oh well, time to start the job hunt.


Written by goldfacedbetty

December 19, 2008 at 7:38 pm


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