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How To: Remove Shellac

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Shellac may just be one of the best beauty inventions. There is something about looking down at my nails and seeing them shine back at me, beaming for all the world to see. But I have found just two problems: 1) a girl who lives for polished nails cannot bear to wear the same colour for 2-3 weeks, 2) having to go to the salon to have the shellac removed seems like a waster of time and money. Since I do not Shellac often — I’m much to indecisive to settle on one lacquer colour a week — visiting the salon to have the polish removed just doesn’t seem viable. Here’s an at home solution to removing your Shellac DIY-style:

What You’ll Need:

  • nail polish remover
  • cotton pad, cut into six
  • tin foil
  • manicure stick/skewer

Simply cut the cotton pad into pieces large enough to cover your nail. Drench the cotton pad in nail polish remover, place on top of nail, and wrap end of finger in tin foil. Leave for 10+ minutes until removing tin foil and cotton. At this point the polish should be completely separated, you’ll even see that the top coat has separated from the colour. If the polish is not flaking off, leave cotton and tin foil on for a few minutes longer. Use the manicure stick to rub off any remnants of Shellac polish.


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Written by goldfacedbetty

April 30, 2013 at 11:12 am

Manicure Monday: Mixed Metallics

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Sally Hansen’s new Gem Crush line is a high impact glitter collection that offers full coverage shimmer throughout. Because these polishes are opaque, they are perfect for using on your tips and for nail art. I decided to try out a metallic ombré style, for simplicity sake, since often shimmer is enough.

As a base I used Razzle Dazzler, a copper pink, and then topped off my tips with Showgirl Chic. The silver and blue in this polish reminds me of a white sandy beach.

Sally Hansen Gem Crush – Be Jeweled, Razzle Dazzler, Showgirl Chic

Written by goldfacedbetty

April 16, 2012 at 2:12 pm

Manicure Monday: Egg Hunt

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This Easter Sunday, (Happy Easter Monday!) I opted for painting polka-dotted nails instead of eggs. Quite frankly, I don’t have the patience to poke a pin hole through the shell, remove the yolk and white from the egg, and decorate the shell ornately, attempting to compete with my 6-year-old creative self. I also own an approximate ratio of 1:28 of acrylic paint to nail polish, so the odds were in my fingertips’ favour.

For this simple design I alternated using (from thumb to pinkie) Saint Germain in Sea Green, Zoya in Wednesday, Zoya in Shelby, Essie in Action, and Sally Hansen Smooth and Perfect in Sorbet. To dot nails, use the tip of a toothpick — I used Essie in Blanc to create the polka dots.

Overall, I think this weekend was well deserved, and I spent most of it relaxing. With my parents and friends visiting Toronto for the weekend, dinners at my sister’s new apartment were assumed and slumber parties were necessary for BFF catch up. How did you all spend your long weekend?

Written by goldfacedbetty

April 9, 2012 at 10:55 am

February 14th

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I’m not really sure how I feel about Valentine’s Day, to be honest. While I obviously love receiving flowers and treating myself to sweets sometimes the activities surrounding the day are a little over the top. I think the best way of thinking about Valentine’s Day is by remembering to acknowledge all the amazing people in your life.

Since the person who most suites this Hallmark holiday is away on a work trip I have mostly penciled in plans of seeing The Vow with a friend and baking some treats for the drive home for the upcoming long weekend (yes Family Day!). But in the meantime I spent last night attempting to paint hearts on my nails with a bobby pin. As evidenced below, art was never my strong suit, but they also never had a nail painting class in middle school.


Initially I used OPI Suzi Takes the Wheel with a matte dark pink from Boat House (left picture, right hand). On second attempt I used Sally Hansen 6409-02 Nasturtium with the same matte pink, applying with a bobby pin. Yes, I am wearing two different polish colours, but it’s ok, it’s Valentine’s Day!

Have a great day lovelies.


Written by goldfacedbetty

February 14, 2012 at 1:48 pm

Manicure Monday: Barbie Party

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Happy Manicure Monday! Yep you heard it, who needs a Music Monday, when you’ve got your nails did? Disclaimer: Since music is near and dear to our hearts, some Mondays may also include Music Monday.

In the meantime — some of my closest friends have quoted me saying “your nails are your best accessory,” and this is the beauty mantra I most abide by. As you know we LOVE doing our nails, getting our nails did, and checking out other girls’ nails.


In this week’s edition of #MM, titled, my nails went to a party and I wasn’t invited. This past Saturday I took seeking out a great pink, a Barbie pink in fact, and this is what I came upon, Secret Story by Essie. Where would Barbie be without a celebration, so throw on some confetti (Snappy Sprinkles by Sally Hansen) and these digits are ready for any party.

Written by goldfacedbetty

January 16, 2012 at 11:47 pm


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